House Keeping, Almost Weekend, Advent

Sometimes I think this online digital world that is meant to make our lives easier doesn't make our lives easier; it just gives us more stuff to take care of.

I spent about two hours this morning clearing out my flickr account. I used to post stuff there for people to download because there were too many pictures to email and then it just got left there.

Flickr is great for certain things. I like the social aspect of it because you can really target a niche if you have something you want to promote. Like cross stitch charts. But I would ideally like to disentangle myself from it. The $25 yearly fee for a pro account being one of them.

One of the reasons I got a flckr account was because blogger didn't have a very big image allowance back in the day but now, as long as the images are a certain size, you don't have to worry about running out of space.

So two hours of virtual house keeping this morning. What a chore. It was kind of fun though looking at all those pictures I haven't seen in a while. Another chore I have been putting off since 2008 is getting any of my photos processed. Into like REAL photos.

Thursday today. AND December 1st! Old time is still a-flying. Seriously. I feel old and life is rushing by me. Sometimes I feel like I am stuck on a little bit of rock in a rushing flooding river. Everything going by so fast and I am standing there hedging and waiting for the right log to come along so I can jump on it and speed into the white water all the way to the great big sea.

Or something like that.

Because it would feel a bit weird to post without a chart for you here are a couple of little octis who are enjoying a Christmas pudding. A bit early but life is short eh?

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