The Matrix: A Free Science Fiction Dr. Seuss Cross Stitch Chart

The RED pill or the BLUE pill? What would Neo do? A fun and free little sci-fi  cross stitch sampler mixing up The Matrix and Dr. Seuss. I actually designed and stitched this one AGES ago but never blocked and mounted it. I think it was because it really should have been stitched on black and I did it, as seen below, on white.

It is one of my better early efforts with a fairly good attempt at some shading. But if you read on below the chart you will find out why I may never touch it up.

This one is quite large so have posted it up on Google Docs (which, btw, is a very handy thing).

To get the chart:
  • Click on the picture to go to the Google Docs location
  • If you would like to print click the File link at the top left just under the document title and then select Print from the drop down menu.
  • If you would like to save select Download Original from the drop down menu
The colours used are in the chart. I used a different charting software when I made this one and because it included the colours in the chart I didn't make a note of what they are. I am not sure if they are DMC or Anchor colours. In the end I would prefer you to choose the colours you have or like so don't worry too much about the numbers!

Been having a bit of a sort out this week in my cross stitch chart folder. I used to use a commercial chart maker (xstitch pro or something like that) but when I got a new computer a couple of years ago the app didn't translate to a new version of Windows.

So now I use a freeware app called KG Chart. It has a pro version as well that you can buy but at the moment the free version works well for me.

What do you used to make your charts?

But I have all these charts that are in an untranslatable format. All I have are JPGs and I don't know if I can be bothered re-charting them into a new app. I suppose some are lost forever.

At some point I would like to figure out how to use a commercial graphics app like GIMP or Illustrator or whatever to make charts. Something that isn't in danger of being obsolete the next time I change computers.

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