Time for the Annual even-star Free Christmas Cross Stitch Chart: Yule Be Kissimilated (By the Dr. Who Cybermen)

Yes indeed! The Cybermen from Dr. Who would like to wish you a Merry Non-Denominational Festive Season. By Kissimilating you. See what I did there?

It's even-star's official annual free Christmas cross stitch chart!

Yule Be Kissimilated

I refuse to believe that those doods don't cut loose at the cyberman Christmas party. They all get squiffy on hydrogen peroxide cocktails and throw tinsel at each other. And then dance on the tables and wreck the karaoke machine by repeatedly trying to snog it. I'm telling you! The only place that will have them now is the Brewer's Fare.

This one is on Google Docs for download as it was a bit too large to post directly on the blog. The PDF will have the chart and also all the colour info in it for you.

To get the chart: 
  • Click on the picture to go to the Google Docs locationor click HERE
  • If you would like to print click the File link at the top left just under the document title and then select Print from the drop down menu.
  • If you would like to save select Download Original from the drop down menu

Don't forget to tweet, pin, and share on facebook so all your stitchy friends know where to find this great free chart.

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