A Message for Google Friend Connect Site Members

As you may have heard, Google is retiring Friend Connect early next year. I am trying to sort out a better way to connect you to Hancock's House of Happy. There are several options.
  • Setting up a google group with a mailing list
  • Setting up a google+ page/account

Has anyone used google+ for this? Please share your experiences. Looking at the set up instructions I am not sure if this is for me or for you, the reader.

You can always subscribe directly to the blog feed using the subscribe link over on the top right. Then you will always get the latest post in your preferred feed reader.

Have a great day peoples!

e-s h

PS I think it is rather funny that the spell check in blogger (a google product) doesn't recognise "google" as a word but doesn't consider Microsoft, a nonsense made up brand name, to be a spelling mistake. It also thinks blogger is a spelling mistake. If you ask me, that is pretty poor.

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