Readers of the Week: Elvish Greetings and Old One Lurve

Welcome to Reader of the Week. A Hancock's House of Happy regular feature showcasing the stitching talents of readers. If you have stitched a Hancock's House of Happy chart send me a link in the comments or in an email to hancockshouseofhappy at googlemail dot com. I will pick my fave and post it up. You will get a link and a picture in your very own post.

Hello peoples! Finally I have been able to get through my backlog of comments and emails from the last couple of months. There needs to be some sort of service level agreement around here so that you know when you send me a message you don't have to wait frikkin' months to hear back.

Especially if you have taken the time and trouble to send me pictures of Hancock's House of Happy cross stitch charts that you have stitched!

I have had two people send me links and photos and lots more telling me that they have stitch this or that chart. If you have stitched up one the free cross stitch charts please do take a picture and send it to the email address or if you have blogged it send me a link. I will try and post each and every one I get!

This week there are two amazing stitchers.

The first one is deviant artist Highonlollypops (which is a fantastic concept in itself). She stitched up the two little Valentine octis. It is amazing how different colours can make a chart look totally different! I love this! Old Ones need some one to love too you know.

Highonlollypops has many tentacled deviations.

And this one of the Elvish Welcome is from Kelsi

Love the colours you have used! This chart has proved quite popular, this being the second example I have been sent.


Unknown said...

I really really love the elvish Welcome! I am working on an embroidered map of middle earth, and have a cross stitch of the door to the mines of moria, I think this would make a good addition to my LOTR collection!

Hancock said...

hope you share the finished map with us!

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