Pickles are SO Rood! So Here is a Cross Stitch Chart of One. Being Rood.

Thanks to everyone on the facebook page for leaving your suggestions for what the next free cross stitch chart should be. I was intrigued by a request for Pickles. Which are quite a rood food if you ask me. If you ask anyone else they will have no idea what you are talking about and think you are insane.

Here is a rood pickle being rood. Again, if you ask me, there are endless applications and situations for which this cross stitch is perfectly appropriate. A nudist's kitchen for example. A post vasectomy celebration. Birthday present for a canning enthusiast. Sexy, tangy times people. Mmmm hmmm! Sexy, tangy, times.

Right click and Save As on the image below to get the chart. I haven't included a colour key because there are only a few and you can pick your favourites.

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