Big Pink Hungry Bunny Free Cross Stitch Design to Download

Big Pink Hungry Bunny Free Cross Stitch Design to Download

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A whole month of animal cross stitch designs free to download!

Remember that August is a whole month of animal cross stitch designs with a new free cross stitch pattern to download coming out every single week day.

Today's absolutely free cross stitch pattern is a big pink hungry bunny. You may remember this one from around Easter time 2019. I was trying to get the website off the ground again after about three years of being destroyed by a deadend career.

AAAAAAAnyway... yes this is a re-post and a few other free cross stitch designs this month are as well. One reason for this is that getting a cross stitch design done for every day of the week is a huge task and I wanted to get the website up and running as soon as possible. Second reason is that some of the re-posted designs are YEARS old but are still really good. They were worth reviving. So even if you have been visiting here for a while, they still might be new to you!

This is a good cross stitch pattern for beginners because it has some really big colour blocks and not a lot of shading. It is also a good cross stitch pattern for more experienced cross stitchers who maybe want a break from more complex projects. You can pretty much just switch off and stitch with this one.

You can also change the colour if you want to. I made this bunny pink because I have this memory of these inflatable Easter bunny things my brother and I used to get every year. But maybe you are going for a gender-normative birth sampler and want to have a blue bunny for a boy? The colours are easy to switch out. No judgement, just sayin' that is probably what a lot of people would do if making this for a baby shower or whatever.

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Click here to go to the full size image in a new tab and then just right click and Save As on that image. The markings will be clearer on the full size image you download.

Big Pink Hungry Bunny Free Cross Stitch Design to Download

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There will be three more Patreon exclusive designs every month! Plus other printable goodies.

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