Coffee Week! Hip and Trendy Aeropress Coffee Cross Stitch Design Free to Download

Coffee Week! Hip and Trendy Aeropress Coffee Cross Stitch Design Free to Download

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A week of coffee themed cross stitch designs and patterns free to download!

It's Coffee Week! A whole week of cross stitch designs celebrating this delicious and bitter liquid made from what can only be described as magical beans.

Today's free cross stitch pattern is a hip and trendy aeropress sampler for the hip and trendy, um, hipster in your life.

I actually posted this on the facebook page way back at the end of July because I had two versions but wasn't sure which one I liked best. So I asked you! And got some great feedback. This was the one you chose with requested coffee beans added.

The great thing about this free coffee cross stitch design is that you can really make it your own by changing the colour. It is basically mono-chromatic so just choose a few tones of your favourite colour and substitute accordingly.

This would be an awesome gift for any coffee snob and it pretty easy as well. You could probably stitch this up in just a few days.

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Click here to go to the full size image in a new tab and then just right click and Save As on that image. The marks etc are much clearer on the full size image that you download.

Coffee Week! Hip and Trendy Aeropress Coffee Cross Stitch Design Free to Download

Patreon Bonus Cross Stitch Design

To celebrate coffee week, Happy Friend Patreons can download this pop art inspired coffee sampler right now! If you would like to have this cross stitch pattern, it's only $2 per month for three exclusive designs per month plus other digital goodies. Scroll down to find the subscription link.

Coffee Week! Basic Black Coffee Theme Cross Stitch Design Free to Download
Available Now

Patreon Bonus Cross Stitch Design!

Last week we spent some time in outer-space! And Patreon subscribers were able to download this great exclusive cross stitch design.

galaxy globe cross stitch design
available now

August Patreon Bonus Cross Stitch Designs Still Available

Just a reminder to Patreon subscribers that all of the August exclusive designs have been posted. If you need the links they are on the images below.

Giant Bear in the Woods Cross Stitch Design on Patreon
Available Now

Panda Cross Stitch Design on Patreon
Available Now

Llama and Sloth Cross Stitch Design on Patreon
Available Now

Missed the last free cross stitch design? It was a kawaii coffee time coffee cup

kawaii coffee cup coffee time cross stitch chart free to download

Make sure you check back on Monday for the next great free cross stitch design! We are kicking of a whole week for Bosses and Managers with this free cross stitch pattern to download:

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