Ortstravaganza the Third! Repeating Pattern Revolver Silhouette Cross Stitch Design to Download Free

Silhouette of a Revolver with Repeating Pattern Cross Stitch Design

Repeating Pattern Revolver Silhouette Cross Stitch Design to Download Free

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Ortstravaganza the Third! A week of random free cross stitch patterns to download.

It seems like we just had an Ortstravaganza, which is what I call a week of free cross stitch patterns that don't have any particular theme. They are cross stitch designs that have been kicking around for a while but never got published. Now that I am designing more free cross stitch, I find myself with ever more orts in my ort cloud of random designs.

This hand gun silhouette cross stitch pattern was left over from last week's Pattern Recognition theme. It is just one example of how I will take an idea to an extreme. This revolver silhouette is covered with all sorts of different cross stitch repeating patterns. I wanted to see what would happen if I mixed the cross stitch patterns together to delineate the different parts of the item.

I get that guns may be offensive to some here and it is not my intention to shock or offend or endorse. It was just interesting to me to explore the idea of what we recognise and how. Is this a hand gun? Or is it just a shape filled with appealing patterns? What does this symbol mean if it is wallpapered over? Does it cease to be hostile and become something else?

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Click here to go to the full size image in a new tab and then just right click and Save As on that image. The marks etc are much clearer on the full size image that you download.

Repeating Pattern Revolver Silhouette Cross Stitch Design to Download Free
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There is a brand new Patreon exclusive cross stitch pattern available today! It is one of four exclusive cross stitch designs coming to you this month representing the four seasons. The season we are celebrating today is Winter with frosty greens and blues and pops of red. It's available to download as a multi-page PDF today. Just $2 gets you at least three exclusive designs, like this one, per month. Click the link to subscribe and download.

Winter Season Sampler Cross Stitch Pattern
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