A Very Sweary Cross Stitch Chart

Good day peoples! A little free cross stitch sampler for you today.

If you happened to read about my little troubles yesterday you will know that, after a little feeling-sorry-for-myself interlude, things were looking up and I thought I might be getting a little ahead. I didn't need a new fridge. Yay.

Well, here is the whole long story that has lead to today's chart (the chart is kind of sweary but no where near as sweary as I wanted it to be. I kind of ran out of time):

In November my Dad was helping me with some work on the house. This involved getting some lumber.

We loaded up my tiny car at the local building supply place. Where I was parked there was a vacant space in front of me so I could pull forward instead of trying to navigate a reverse with eight tons of plywood interfering with the rear view.

I was half way into the spot in front when this car comes screaming around the corner and, even though the parking lot was pretty much empty, the ignorant person driving this car pulls into the spot I am carefully pulling out of.

I had to slam on my brakes which made the wood bang against the wind screen inside. This caused a huge crack.

So yesterday I finally was able to get a new wind screen sorted out. Got it fitted in the morning. The same morning I thought I was going to have to buy a new fridge and then didn't have to.

Went to work in the afternoon.

On the way home: CRACK

Big frikkin' stone right in the middle of the brand new wind screen. To big to repair and right where it will fail the MOT. 
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If you think the image above looks a bit weird, it does. I am not sure what is up with my image making software. I have never seen it do this before. Hopefully the chart is simple enough that you will be able to work it out. Will need to investigate what has happened.

If you don't fancy looking at your computer to read the chart don't worry. You can download the full size.
  • Click on the picture above to view the full sized image
  •  Right click the full sized image with your mouse
  • Pick Save Picture As
  • Choose a location to save it on your computer
  • Save!
Then you can open it in your application of choice because it is a JPG. And Print it!

There are only three colours for this one and they can be what ever you want. I used red, blue, and black.

If you have been having your own tussle with Karma lately I hope this cheers you up.


Librarystitcher said...

I love the attitude of this sampler!

Kris said...

Bahahahaha! So very-Clarey. Perfect!

Boston said...

This is so great! I have been using cross stitch to rehabilitate my hands after spinal surgery and it is always fun to find and stitch a few 'crass' samplers to make things interesting!!

Unknown said...

dear karma, too true!!!

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